Friday, 20 April 2007

Odessey Health Club. Henley On Thames, Oxfordshire

Hot Stones Therapy at Odessey Health Club
The treatment rooms at Odyssey are warm, softly lit ,and smell gorgeous. With the soothing background music it wasn’t long before my working day had disappeared into a distant memory. The new Hot Stone therapy here was introduced from Arizona has been in use for over 2000 years. It is said to “opens up the energy centres of the mind and body, known as the Chakras, thus allowing a balance of individual chakras to be achieved. “Rebecca commenced the treatment by gently brushing my legs and arms, she then massaged warm oils to my body, creating a calm, safe and totally relaxed feeling.
After about 15 minutes she introduced the warm basalt stones, which had been gently heating up in a water bath. These stones are said to “bring about an increase in heart rate and respiration as well as increasing the supply of blood to the muscles and organs removing waste products”.
First of all to my shoulders and back, by my feet and during the therapy, laid softly into the palm of my hands. She massaged my back, and traced with the stones the tight muscle groups that had collected in my shoulders and base of my neck, loosening the muscles and relieving tension. Next, the other side; turning over I had the stones placed underneath my waist, at the point of my Sacral, and at the base of my neck.
Feeling very comfortable I experienced a deeply therapeutic feeling as the warmth slowly and gently seeped through my body during this slow, languorous treatment. I then felt her place smaller stones on my forehead above and between my eyebrows, on my collarbones and shoulders and larger warm stones on my abdomen. Then most surprisingly (and for me powerfully relaxing), between each of my toes –.this produced an amazing feeling of energies opening, and I felt like I was dropping into the earth. It was very profound.
Rebecca having massaged me to heaven, then gave me an amazing facial massage, stroking the skin up and down, and the tracing my temples with tiny stones in small circular movements, then taking them gently into the hairline like a head massage sending my mind and body floating into outer space. I was able to fell a total lightness in my whole body and Rebecca tuning into my energies. In a warm, safe and comforting space, a state of deep relaxation was achieved, a treatment that is enveloping, spiritual and unforgettable. The effect is similar to a combination of massage and sauna, without having to move anywhere in fact I would say it is like going to heaven and coming back in time for supper! Telephone Odyssey for details on 01491