Sunday, 18 March 2007

NCT (National Childbirth Trust) Book Review

Families & How To survive Them by Robin Skynner & John Cleese

A friend of mine was so adamant I should read book following the birth of first child Gabriel 8 months ago that she sent it as a gift to me via good ole Amazon – and, you know, I am so glad she did! I found it a serious yet amusing read. One I could pick up and put down between baby feeds (!) easily, or dip into as required. It is not a really a “baby book” as such, however it shadows a baby’s development throughout the content. The dialogue explores the changing relationships between mother and father, plus the role (important) that the father plays during baby 'development. It talks about changing dynamics in the parent relationship, and the importance of the roles being played out, and more interestingly……..why? The subjects raised include, Coping with change, Demands of the baby, Baby’s point of view, and Needs and responsibilities of the mother. It goes on to reveal “What makes a family happy?” “Why do some marriages succeed and other fail?” This exploration is played out in a straightforward readable, chatty style that will talk personally to each reader.

Luckily, for a book that tackles such potentially heavy subject matter I found it refreshingly light-hearted and humorous. Offering self-development plus a bit of an insight into relationships, babies, toddlers, and internal feelings. I feel it is a book that everyone will really be able to take something positive from. As a parent, I found it a well-written roadmap of a child’s development, and as an adult, it was another step within "The University of Life.”
This is a book I would confidently recommend and will certainly be buying it for a few close friends!

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Roger said...

Bizarley[?] The co Author of this book was the brother of the senior Partner at my first Estae Agents in Maidstone. A really top bloke.
and Mr |Cleese, a really tall bloke.

Love the style [ yours]